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Perfection Full Set Foil (Ultra Rares Included)


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Product: Panini
Set: Perfection
Type: Full Set Foil (Ultra Rares Included)
Condition: Near Mint to Mint
Description: Total Cards - 142

Includes 1 Foil of:
C1 Android Headbutt
C2 Debilitating Volley
C3 Vicious Strike
C4 Villainous Energy Beam
C5 Black Analysis
C6 Black Obstructing Drill
C7 Black Destructive Beam
C8 Black Easy Block
C9 Black Energy Bubble
C10 Black Enraged Outburst
C11 Black Haunting
C12 Black Nightmare
C13 Black Sidestep
C14 Black Unstable Punch
C15 Blue Vision
C16 Blue Guarding Drill
C17 Blue Clash
C18 Blue Concentrated Blast
C19 Blue Energy Shield
C20 Blue Head Kick
C21 Blue Outbreak
C22 Blue Overcharge
C23 Blue Slide
C24 Blue Sword Rage
C25 Namekian Flight
C26 Namekian Risk
C27 Namekian Back Kick
C28 Namekian Backflip
C29 Namekian Chest Explosion
C30 Namekian Counter Blast
C31 Namekian Heel Kick
C32 Namekian Resistance
C33 Namekian Right Elbow
C34 Orange Charging Drill
C35 Orange Examination Drill
C36 Orange Observing Drill
C37 Orange Thumbs Up Drill
C38 Orange Energy Deflection
C39 Orange Enraged Bash
C40 Orange Fixation
C41 Orange Planned Block
C42 Orange Tank Barrage
C43 Red Bribe
C44 Red Cover Drill
C45 Red Cannon
C46 Red Capture
C47 Red Chest Pierce
C48 Red Inferno
C49 Red Interference
C50 Red Sword Stab
C51 Red Tandem Blast
C52 Saiyan Demolishing Beam
C53 Saiyan Emergence
C54 Saiyan Energy Aura
C55 Saiyan Face Strike
C56 Saiyan Flip
C57 Saiyan Leaping Strike
C58 Saiyan Obstruction
C59 Saiyan Rapid Fire
C60 Saiyan Skull Jab
U61 Master Roshi – Expectant
U62 Master Roshi – Overwhelmed
U63 Master Roshi – Catcher
U64 Master Roshi – Barricade
U65 Yamcha – Sleeping
U66 Yamcha – On The Move
U67 Yamcha – Surprised
U68 Yamcha – Happy
U69 Android 16 – Awoken
U70 Android 16 – Distracted
U71 Android 16 – Enraged
U72 Android 16 – Injured
U73 Dr. Brief – Analyzing
U74 Mr. Popo – Guide
U75 Android 16 – Unmoving
U76 Cell – Larval
U77 Android Defensive Blast
U78 Pesky Barrage
U79 Playful Punch
U80 Black Confident Shot
U81 Black Grounding Bash
U82 Black Sharp Kick
U83 Blue Eating Drill
U84 Blue Challenging Strike
U85 Blue Dispersing Beam
U86 Namekian Searching Drill
U87 Namekian Focused Ball
U88 Namekian Hand Burst
U89 Namekian Preparation
U90 Orange Dressing Room
U91 Orange Charge
U92 Orange Clearing Blast
U93 Orange Stab
U94 Red Glare
U95 Red Infuriated Attack
U96 Red Right Blast
U97 Saiyan Transformation Drill
U98 Saiyan Back Crash
U99 Saiyan Crunch
U100 Saiyan Sword Skill
R101 Master Roshi’s Slumber
R102 Master Roshi’s Back Strike
R103 Yamcha’s Expert Assistance
R104 Yamcha’s Rescue
R105 Android 16’s Tranquility
R106 Android 16’s Rocket Punch
R107 Cell’s Draining Attack
R108 Cell’s Style
R109 Tenshinhan’s Tri-Beam
R110 Trunks’ Slam
R111 Aggressive Sword Drill
R112 Clash of Wills
R113 Dashing Sword Attack
R114 Heroic Jab
R115 Overwhelming Power
R116 Black Discovery
R117 Black Choke
R118 Black Double Team
R119 Black Extreme Blast
R120 Blue Training
R121 Blue Head Charge
R122 Blue Restraint
R123 Blue Toss
R124 Namekian Back Smash
R125 Namekian Energized Bash
R126 Namekian Face Crush
R127 Namekian Resilience
R128 Orange Hoping Drill
R129 Orange Ki Ball
R130 Orange Overflowing Burst
R131 Orange Right Beam
R132 Red Channel Surfing Drill
R133 Red Aerial Assault
R134 Red Back Bash
R135 Red Downward Burst
R136 Red Powerful Strike
R137 Saiyan Extreme Training
R138 Saiyan Charged Kick
R139 Saiyan Ki Burst
R140 Saiyan Overhead Flare
UR141 Power Mimic
UR142 Heroic Dashing Punch

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