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Buylist - Sell Your Cards!

Please use the tabs located at the bottom of the document using the scroll bar to navigate through the below categories:
Panini Foil, Panini Non-Foil, FanZ, Score Limited Foil, Score Unlimited Foil, Score Promo

Please note that prices are for NM quality. 
LP cards of higher values ($10+) will still be accepted for 75% of the NM price, please just let me know any LP cards you would like to submit!


1. Scroll down to the bottom of the document and press the download button  
2.  Enter the quantity of each card, save the document then send to - 
3.  I will review the list and contact you with shipping info
4.  Payment can either be made as Goods upon shipment, or as Friends upon receipt of the cards
5.  If you would like store credit, you will get a 20% bonus and credit can be redeemed upon receiving your buylist submission!

Please let me know if anything seems off, or if there's a different price you would accept for anything.