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Cell Saga Rulebook

For the last four years, Kami has sensed a great disturbance on earth of an evil power even greater than the Androids. That evil power is Cell. He has emerged in his Imperfect form and he is creating chaos everywhere…. absorbing entire populations of cities in order to increase his strength. His goal is to absorb Androids 17 and 18 and become complete.

The good guys realize they must become even more powerful than Super Saiyans in order to stop this great threat. So Goku, Gohan, Trunks and Vegeta take off for Kami's Lookout where they can get a year's worth of training in a day in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber. Their goal is to become Ascended Saiyans. Like Trunks said, "If it is possible, Vegeta and Goku are just the guys to do it! And if they can do it then so can I!"

Piccolo is in a fierce battle with Android 17. Cell senses the power level and follows Piccolo to Android 17. The Androids have no idea who Cell is or that Cell wants to absorb them. Piccolo quickly informs them and fights to the end to keep Cell from absorbing 17. Yet Androids 17 and 18 do not flee.

Android 16 again urges Android 18 to flee. Despite Android 16's earlier declaration not to fight anyone but Goku (whom he had been programmed to seek), he declares he will fight Cell. "This is a good world. Cell wishes to destroy it…I will not let that happen."

Cell suddenly appears behind Android 17 and absorbs him… causing a great increase in Cell's power. Their chance of defeating Cell appears to be over. Cell goes after Android 18. It looks like all is over…until at risk to his own being, Tien stops in to help. Cell is the greatest characteristic of every race rolled in to one. Can he be stopped?

Vegeta has the upper hand in the battle with Cell, but his pride will be his downfall. Cell throws down an irresistible challenge to Vegeta…allow Cell to absorb Android 18 and become complete and then fight Cell in the ultimate challenge. Despite Trunk's warnings, Vegeta falls for it.

Android 18 should have been deactivated by then, but Krillin is starting to fall in love with Android 18 and does not deactivate her. Instead she ends up being absorbed by Cell who becomes Perfect.

Goku and Gohan continue to train. Vegeta picks up the challenge of fighting Perfect Cell only to be defeated. Trunks jumps in to give Krillin a chance to rescue Vegeta. Trunks has amazing power…strength beyond the strength of Cell. But it takes more than strength to win a battle. He has traded speed for power and cannot catch his enemy. Cell defeats Trunks but gives our heroes another chance. Cell is going to host a World Martial Arts Tournament in 10 days where he will fight each of earth's warriors…including Goku.