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Vengeance Full Set Foil (Ultra Rares Included)


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Product: Panini
Set: Vengeance
Type: Full Set Foil (Ultra Rares Included)
Condition: Near Mint to Mint
Description: Total Cards - 142

Includes 1 Foil of:
C1 Black Android Programming
C2 Black Astonishing Drill
C3 Black Recollection Drill
C4 Black Downward Beam
C5 Black Face Kick
C6 Black Fist Catch
C7 Black Impact
C8 Black Overload
C9 Black Running Guard
C10 Black Sword Attack
C11 Black Vaulted Strike
C12 Blue Intimidation
C13 Blue Reinforcements
C14 Blue Save
C15 Blue Seizing Drill
C16 Blue Waiting Drill
C17 Blue Android Headbutt
C18 Blue Brush Aside
C19 Blue Flying Kick
C20 Blue Rehabilitation
C21 Blue Swat
C22 Namekian Impending Doom
C23 Namekian Vanishing Drill
C24 Namekian Airborne Attack
C25 Namekian Arm Shield
C26 Namekian Concern
C27 Namekian Multi-Opponent Combat
C28 Namekian Protective Posture
C29 Namekian Robotic Destruction
C30 Namekian Team Up
C31 Orange Bravado
C32 Orange Eviction
C33 Orange Shopping Drill
C34 Orange Welcoming Drill
C35 Orange Combined Burst
C36 Orange Earthquake
C37 Orange Fierce Attack
C38 Orange Frenzied Assault
C39 Orange Interference
C40 Orange Withdrawal
C41 Red Reconnaissance Drill
C42 Red Android Palm Blast
C43 Red Body Block
C44 Red Departing Shot
C45 Red Disregard
C46 Red Ejection
C47 Red High Kick
C48 Red Lasers
C49 Red Training Burst
C50 Red Wallop
C51 Saiyan Targeting
C52 Saiyan Assistance
C53 Saiyan Clash
C54 Saiyan Club
C55 Saiyan Ferocious Blast
C56 Saiyan Severing Punch
C57 Saiyan Sword Dodge
C58 Saiyan Tantrum
C59 Android Arm Breaker
C60 Quick Blast
U61 Android 13, Redneck Robot
U62 Android 13, Amused
U63 Android 13, Dark Villain
U64 Android 13, Surging Strength
U65 Broly, Survivor
U66 Broly, Determined
U67 Broly, Legendary
U68 Broly, Relentless
U69 Cooler, Familiar Face
U70 Cooler, Transformed
U71 Cooler, Menace
U72 Cooler, Overlord
U73 Gohan, To The Rescue
U74 Krillin, Quick
U75 Master Roshi, Restrained
U76 Trunks, Protective
U77 Icarus, Supportive
U78 Android 13, Powerful
U79 Android 14, Stoic
U80 Android 15, Relaxed
U81 Broly, Undaunted
U82 Cooler, Angered
U83 Paragus, Desperate Father
U84 Salza, Henchman
U85 Black Invitation
U86 Black Liberation
U87 Blue Hunt
U88 Blue Skid
U89 Namekian Empowered Charge
U90 Namekian Face Off
U91 Namekian Salvo
U92 Orange Snoozing Drill
U93 Orange Android Rising Punch
U94 Red Integration
U95 Red Double Blast
U96 Red Furious Lunge
U97 Saiyan Recovery
U98 Saiyan Terrifying Strike
U99 Point-Blank Volley
U100 Villainous Power Ball
R101 Black Impatience
R102 Black Dispersion
R103 Black Dive
R104 Black Drain
R105 Blue Blanketing Blasts
R106 Blue Decapitation
R107 Blue Discharge
R108 Blue Ki Ball
R109 Blue Return Fire
R110 Namekian Pep Talk
R111 Namekian Harvesting Drill
R112 Namekian Electrifying Grab
R113 Namekian Dash
R114 Namekian Ending
R115 Orange Intimidating Drill
R116 Orange Counter Ball
R117 Orange Hug
R118 Orange Immense Blast
R119 Orange Sword Chop
R120 Red Sword Slicing Drill
R121 Red Fantasy
R122 Red Motivational Kick
R123 Red Stylish Entrance
R124 Saiyan Overpowering Aura Drill
R125 Saiyan Denial
R126 Saiyan Extinguishing Blast
R127 Saiyan Lob
R128 Saiyan Thrust
R129 Saiyan Trample
R130 Saiyan Trap
R131 Singing Drill
R132 Android Insubordination
R133 Sobering Hammer
R134 Stomach Crusher
R135 Android 13's S.S. Deadly Bomber
R136 Android 13's Impenetrable Defense
R137 Broly's Eraser Cannon
R138 Broly's Face Crusher
R139 Cooler's Rebirth
R140 Cooler's Supernova
UR141 Surprise Attack
UR142 Unleashed

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