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Evolution Full Set (Ultra Rares Not Included)

Evolution Full Set (Ultra Rares Not Included)

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Product: Panini
Set: Evolution
Type: Full Set Non-Foil (Ultra Rares Not Included)
Condition: Near Mint
Description: Total Cards - 140

Includes 1 of:
C1 Black Pop-up
C2 Black Inactivity Drill
C3 Black Remembrance Drill
C4 Black Explosion
C5 Black Headbutt
C6 Black Impediment
C7 Black Protection
C8 Black Request
C9 Black Travelling Punch
C10 Blue Cleanse
C11 Blue Counter
C12 Blue Energy Focus
C13 Blue Eye Lasers
C14 Blue Flight
C15 Blue Knee
C16 Blue Shopping
C17 Blue Vehicle Destruction
C18 Namekian Reinforced Catch
C19 Namekian Assistance Drill
C20 Namekian Cleansing Drill
C21 Namekian Catch
C22 Namekian Deflection
C23 Namekian Door Destruction
C24 Namekian Elbow Drop
C25 Namekian Intervention
C26 Namekian Wrist Strike
C27 Orange Audience
C28 Orange Intense Training Drill
C29 Orange Investigation Drill
C30 Orange Retrieval Drill
C31 Orange Concealment
C32 Orange Duck
C33 Orange Fracture
C34 Orange Ki Blast
C35 Orange Left Punch
C36 Orange Outburst
C37 Orange Sideswipe
C38 Orange Upward Strike
C39 Red Examination Drill
C40 Red Chop
C41 Red Cross Block
C42 Red Quick Jab
C43 Red Right Knee
C44 Red Robotic Blast
C45 Red Smash
C46 Red Vault
C47 Saiyan Flight
C48 Saiyan Inspection Drill
C49 Saiyan Blockade
C50 Saiyan Concussive Blast
C51 Saiyan Discovery
C52 Saiyan Empowered Smash
C53 Saiyan Energy Outburst
C54 Saiyan Lifting Kick
C55 Saiyan Overhead Kick
C56 Saiyan Palm Block
C57 Saiyan Smack
C58 Acquisition Drill
C59 Android Superiority
C60 Shoulder Slam
U61 Black Signal
U62 Black Empowered Elbow
U63 Black Energy Discharge
U64 Black Shoulder Charge
U65 Black Tunneling Ball
U66 Black Wilt
U67 Blue Hush
U68 Blue Awakening Drill
U69 Blue Face Grab
U70 Blue Palm Shot
U71 Namekian Aerial Knee
U72 Namekian Downward Blast
U73 Namekian Energy Assault
U74 Namekian Leaping Kick
U75 Orange Scorn
U76 Red Premonition
U77 Red Chest Beam
U78 Red Collision
U79 Red Forceful Strike
U80 Red Intense Blast
U81 Saiyan Empowered Slide
U82 Saiyan Fierce Kick
U83 Saiyan Interruption
U84 Saiyan Sword Strike
U85 Android 19 – Stoic
U86 Android 19 – Pondering
U87 Android 19 – Unimpressed
U88 Android 19 – Patient
U89 Android 20 – Focused
U90 Android 20 – Unfazed
U91 Android 20 – Surprised
U92 Android 20 – Master Planner
U93 Vegeta – Unrelenting
U94 Korin – Watching From Afar
U95 Maron – Popular
U96 Turtle – Protective
U97 Android 17 – Beckoning
U98 Android 18 – Smirking
U99 Android 19 – Injured
U100 Android 20 – Mastermind
R101 Black Learning Drill
R102 Black Empowered Sword Slash
R103 Blue Kiss
R104 Blue Entertaining Drill
R105 Blue Transportation Drill
R106 Blue Belly Bash
R107 Blue Wash
R108 Namekian Waiting
R109 Namekian Enhancement
R110 Namekian Overcharge
R111 Orange Freezing Drill
R112 Orange Reading Drill
R113 Orange Accumulated Burst
R114 Orange Drain
R115 Red Analysis
R116 Red Antidote
R117 Red Eye Beams
R118 Red Rage
R119 Saiyan Peace
R120 Saiyan Dash
R121 Saiyan Destructive Blast
R122 Saiyan Tracking Blast
R123 Android 17’s Van
R124 Android 17’s Back Smash
R125 Android 18’s Arm Breaker
R126 Android 18’s Toss
R127 Android 19’s Energy Absorption
R128 Android 19’s Choke
R129 Android 20’s Scouting Drill
R130 Android 20’s Domination
R131 Vegeta’s Destruction Blast
R132 Elimination
R133 Android Attack Drill
R134 Moment of Peace
R135 Android Presence
R136 Energized Strike
R137 Enhanced Reflexes
R138 Optic Blast
R139 Sinister Choke
R140 Tug of War

Starters and Ultra Rares Not Included.

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