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Heroes & Villains Rare Playset


  • $34.99

Product: Panini 
Set: Heroes and Villains
Type: Rare Playset - Non-Foil
Condition: Near Mint to Mint 
Description: Total Cards - 120

Includes 3 of:
R101   Black Declaration
R102   Black Head Charge
R103   Black Enraged Assault
R104   Focused Assault
R105   Black Counter Ball
R106   Blue Taming Technique
R107   Blue Overpowering Drill
R108   Blue Leaping Kick
R109   Blue Crush
R110   Blue Back Break
R111   Namekian Cut Off
R112   Namekian Backhand
R113   Namekian Clash
R114   Namekian High Knee
R115   Namekian Confident Burst
R116   Orange Possession Drill
R117   Orange Chasing Drill
R118   Orange Dodge
R119   Orange Hand Cannon
R120   Orange Mini Ball
R121   Red Embarrassing Drill
R122   Red Stop
R123   Red Controlled Attack
R124   Red Overpower
R125   Red Combined Blast
R126   Saiyan Intimidation
R127   Saiyan Outrage
R128   Saiyan Grab
R129   Saiyan Body Blow
R130   Saiyan Prepped Ball
R131   Isolation
R132   Withering Fire
R133   Crushing Beam
R134   Face Smash
R135   Wall Breaker
R136   Nail's Dashing Attack
R137   Nappa's Energized Charge
R138   Raditz's Offensive Guard
R139   Tenshinhan's Draining Blast
R140   Trunks' Sword Stance

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