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Premiere Full Playset (No Ultra Rares)


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Product: Panini
Set: Premiere
Type: Full Playset - Non-Foil
Condition: Near Mint
Description: Total Cards - 309

Includes 3 copies of:
C14 Black Concussive Blast
C15 Black Corruption
C16 Black Hug Maneuver
C17 Black Knee Catch
C18 Black Lunge
C19 Black Punishment
C20 Blue Battle Readiness
C21 Blue Trick
C22 Blue Battle Drill
C23 Blue Biting Drill
C24 Blue Defensive Effect
C25 Blue Defensive Flight
C26 Blue Draining Blast
C27 Blue Head Knock
C28 Blue Reverse
C29 Namekian Chop
C30 Namekian Double Strike
C31 Namekian Dragon Blast
C32 Namekian Energy Toss
C33 Namekian Maximum Will
C34 Namekian Onslaught
C35 Namekian Right Throw
C36 Orange Aura Drill
C37 Orange Joint Restraint Drill
C38 Orange Defensive Blast
C39 Orange Distracting Beam
C40 Orange Energy Absorption
C41 Orange Precise Shot
C42 Orange Refocus
C43 Orange Revenge
C44 Red Hunting Drill
C45 Red Back Kick
C46 Red Double Strike
C47 Red Duck
C48 Red Flares
C49 Red Shattering Leap
C50 Red Shoulder Grab
C51 Saiyan Cheap Shot
C52 Saiyan Energy Focus
C53 Saiyan Clothesline
C54 Saiyan Energy Toss
C55 Saiyan Foot Stomp
C56 Saiyan Pinpoint Blast
C57 Saiyan Scouting
C58 Saiyan Supreme Block
C59 Saiyan Uppercut
C60 It's Over 9,000!
U73 Black Searching Technique
U74 Black Adaptation
U75 Black Barrage
U76 Black Delay
U77 Black Swerve
U78 Black Swirl
U79 Blue Blockade
U80 Blue Betrayal
U82 Blue Lunar Ray
U83 Blue Shifting Maneuver
U85 Namekian Finger Lasers
U86 Namekian Flinch
U87 Namekian Hybrid Defense
U88 Namekian Targeted Strike
U89 Namekian Zone Pressure
U90 Orange Empowered Drill
U91 Orange Energy Phasing Drill
U92 Orange Escape
U93 Orange Inspection
U94 Orange Offensive Strike
U95 Orange Overhead Smash
U96 Red Despair Drill
U97 Red Escape
U98 Red Jump Kick
U99 Red Lightning Slash
U100 Red Power Punch
U101 Red Shielded Strike
U102 Saiyan Domination
U103 Saiyan Gut Kick
U104 Saiyan Multi-blast
U105 Saiyan Surprise
U106 Saiyan Wrist Block
U110 Devastating Blow
U111 Empowered Flying Kick
U112 Enraged Blast
U113 Overpowering Attack
U115 Frieza's Captive Strike
U116 Gohan's Power Punch
U117 Goku's Kaio-Ken
U118 Krillin's Solar Flare
U119 Piccolo's Weighted Clothing
U120 Vegeta's Anger
R123 Black Mischievous Drill
R124 Black Disorienting Blow
R125 Black Reflection
R126 Black Scout Maneuver
R128 Blue Lunge
R130 Blue Trapped Strike
R133 Namekian Overtime
R134 Namekian Palm Shots
R135 Namekian Planned Attack
R137 Orange Focusing Drill
R138 Orange Searching Maneuver
R139 Orange Uppercut
R141 Red Forward Stance Drill
R142 Red Heel Kick
R143 Red Left Bolt
R144 Red Observation
R146 Saiyan Acute Rapid Slam
R147 Saiyan Elbow Drop
R148 Saiyan Power Up
R150 Confrontation
R151 Stare Down
R153 Captain Ginyu's Body Switch
R154 Frieza's Supernova
R155 Gohan's Masenko
R156 Goku's Kamehameha
R157 Krillin's Destructo Disk
R158 Piccolo's Special Beam Cannon
R159 Trunks' Sword Slash
R160 Vegeta's Galick Gun

Includes 2 copies of:
U107 Visiting The Past
U108 Battle Pausing
U109 Blinding Energy Move

Includes 1 copy of:

C1 Namek Dragon Ball 1
C2 Namek Dragon Ball 2
C3 Namek Dragon Ball 3
C4 Trunks, Inquisitive
C5 Trunks, Resolved
C6 Captain Ginyu, Leader
C7 Captain Ginyu, Energized
C8 Chaozu, Resurrected
C9 Tenshinhan, Returned
C10 Guldo, Ginyu Force
C11 Recoome, Ginyu Force
C12 Nappa, Space Traveler
C13 Black Erasing Drill
U61 Namek Dragon Ball 4
U62 Namek Dragon Ball 5
U63 Namek Dragon Ball 6
U64 Trunks, Energy Charged
U65 Trunks, Young Super Saiyan
U66 Captain Ginyu, Body Change
U67 Captain Ginyu, Frog
U68 Bulma, Genius
U69 ChiChi, Armed and Dangerous
U70 Yamcha, Action Ready
U71 Burter, Ginyu Force
U72 Jiece, Ginyu Force
U81 Blue Farewell
U84 Namekian Wish
U114 Quickness Drill
R121 Namek Dragon Ball 7
R122 Black Devious Mastery
R127 Blue Protective Mastery
R129 Blue Terror
R131 Namekian Knowledge Mastery
R132 Namekian Dragon Clan
R136 Orange Adaptive Mastery
R140 Red Enraged Mastery
R145 Saiyan Empowered Mastery
R149 Dragon Radar
R152 Time is a Warriors Tool

Starters and Ultra Rares Not Included

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